Querencias is an international couple hailing from London and Buenos Aires. We share a love of maps, making, journeys and design. As an artist and a furniture maker, we have the perfect backgrounds to envision and create these map boxes which will enrich your home.


Bertie is the furniture maker:

And Paula is the artist, and also IT and marketing whizz:


We first made a few map boxes many years ago for ourselves and friends. Over time they have always been well received, so we thought we would make some more…

Ordnance Survey maps feature heavily in our collection, given their prominence in the UK’s heritage. These isles have been the best-mapped lands in the world and the detail, colours and accuracy of OS maps are unrivalled. We love the Pathfinder series especially!

We make map boxes with maps from anywhere in the world though and we’re always on the lookout for interesting maps of foreign cities and countries – or send us your own!

The map boxes are professionally and lovingly made in our workshop in south east London.

Our map boxes

Map boxes are a stylish addition to any wall; their colour, detail and vintage charm is brought to life thanks to the unique way they are framed.

Carefully and professionally crafted from American black walnut in our workshop by the Thames, the maps are cut to perfectly fit the back and sides of the box, giving an additional depth to the region and topography featured.

They also double as a shelf for keys or sunglasses, making them ideal to use as a tidy in the hallway or living room.